We provide Indoor Air Quality assessments and sampling services designed to support a healthy and comfortable work and/or living environment. We offer a complete range of services to diagnose, manage and remediate various indoor contaminates.


Poor Indoor Air Quality is a growing concern, especially in cities where the outside air quality is also an issue. Pollen, dusts, vehicle exhaust and other contaminants impact our homes and places of work. With the increased use of chemicals, certain people are developing sensitivities to formaldehyde, pesticides, ozone and cleaning products. Being able to identify the source of these contaminants and providing a solution is the key to avoiding unnecessary exposure.


The Environmental Protection Agency has called Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) the number one environmental health concern that is facing us today. There is now a myriad of chemical and biological agents that when exposed can effect our immune system. When exposed to these contaminants, each individual can react differently due to genetics or an established sensitivity. These issues can arise in our homes, offices and places of work.