Alpha has participated in steel structures, residential, commercial and other leads projects in the capacity of consultant and project managers. Combining this experience with our diverse background in health and safety, environmental engineering, and construction management, we are please to offer a complete lead service package to our valued clients. Our company operations and quality control staff continually upgrade all of our lead programs so that we may provide dependable state of the art service to our clients at a reasonable price. We know this is essential in an evolving market with high inherent building owner liability.


In order to comply with DOH, local code rule, and EPA title X regulations (proposed) multi-family residential units must be inspected for the presence of damaged lead based paint (LBP). Alpha conducts representative testing so that LBP may be identified and categorized according to substrate and hazard potential. These results are summarized in a user friendly final report document which is delivered to the client within 3 to 5 business days. Corrective action is specified based upon hazard potential and cost minimization. Alpha specializes in coordinating lead abatement issues with general renovation/construction projects such that cost is further reduced.




Alpha conducts final inspection and dust wipe testing after the completion of lead abatement corrective action, window replacement, or other construction work. If the work area is found to be non-compliant recommendations regarding appropriate corrective action are required. When the work area is found to be in compliance with the applicable regulations a final clearance report is issued.