Recently, mold and fungi have been recognized as an increasing threat to public health. It is of particular concern to hospitals, schools and elderly care facilities that have an immuno-compromised population. Alpha will integrate a mold risk assessment into the IAQ study as needed.

If you are a contractor who is concerned about being proactive against mold, Alpha offers inspection and consulting services to assist you in developing and documenting proper techniques that will help a property avoid fungal issues later. Some of the services we provide include moisture surveys and general consultation, as well as documentation of the techniques you are using to create healthier buildings. If you are currently installing fungal retardant building materials or treating "lumber yard mold", we can help you document your efforts as an independent third party.




Investigations are performed to determine trace amounts of chemicals such as formaldehyde which is an off gassing component of office furniture and partitions, low levels of Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are emitted from copy and fax machines.



Building materials which have become water damaged due to roof leaks, plumbing leaks, excessive permeation through exterior brick, and other reasons may support mold/fungal and/or bacterial growth. The presence of such species may pose a severe nuisance and/or health hazard to building occupants. Alpha conducts sampling and inspection of the air, bulk, and water media in a discreet matter so that any microbiological species present may be identified. Corrective action plans indicating how to remove the source of water infiltration/accumulation and specification of suitable disinfection methods are generated.